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As we believe to apply more and more sustainable approaches in our brand to help keeping our environment safe, Here is some approaches we are applying in order to achieve that:

  • Started applying a '0 waste' approach, to help the people in need with our extra fabrics and donate them to a charity organization that help them to recycle and redesign them for their daily use.

  • Part of our profit is dedicated to plant fruit trees in order to help fighting against both hunger and climate change, and as a start for this initiative we planted 105 fruit trees on the 11th of August 2022 from mangos, lemons, oranges, peaches and guavas.

  • Started redesigning old designs that are in our stock for new collection instead of keeping them in our storage area and featuring them in new collection, celebrities and photo shoots.

  • Giving back to the community again by sharing a fashion for a cause initiative with local designers in order to redesign the down syndrome children drawing to be products that we can sell in order to help them and the unemployed fashion workers during Covid19.

  • Started applying using local Egyptians fabrics made from 100% cotton and linen in our Attire line in order to help our local market and keep our products more and more sustainable.

  • We created a collection "Terra" dedicated for environmental awareness to raise the flags again towards many major cases to remind us and everyone else our duties towards our planet.

We are committed to our environment and to make it safer and better to our future generations and we are hoping to apply more approaches towards achieving that.

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