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The Story

Inspired by his mum’s talent in tailoring, Ahmed Al-Saedi’s passion for fashion design was ignited at the age of 7. Using her tools and fabrics, Ahmed started experimenting on doll clothes, designing his very first fashion line for his sister’s dolls.

However, it took him years of trial and error to finally drop his career in computer engineering and start his own fashion brand; Maison SAEDI.

Raised by his Egyptian hard-working mum, Ahmed developed an unbeatable admiration to the strength and softness women have simultaneously. Becoming his muse, for years to come. The soft warrior persona, reflected mostly in his designs, creating his own exquisite unmatchable identity. Boldly, merging unusual fabrics, along with original designs and cuts, that mirrors women’s different qualities.


The Muse

His garments, whether it’s ready to wear or haute couture, Ahmed often uses personal stories as a muse to create his lines. There is always a story to tell behind each collection. One that leaves a mark to those who see and wear his garments.


The Expansion

Along with his fashion brand, Ahmed soon acquired a production factory, to help small and medium brands, manufacture their designs. Being a fashion designer himself, with an eye to detail, they often trust him with the process. Not only that, but he also educates, young aspiring designers about the industry and how to start their business.


The Collabs

During the past decade, SAEDI contributed to the fashion scene massively. Collaborating with Art Exhibitions, fashion schools, charity institutions, fellow designers and more, to educate and influence the community through his work about the depth and importance of fashion.


The Future

The future is creation. Ahmed’s vision to his brand, is to keep creating pieces that touches the soul, mind, and heart. Ones, that bold, unique and speak louder than words, leaving a mark in the Egyptian and international fashion industry. That is the future.

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