Saedi, a brand that creates unique pieces inspired by our main daily Egyptian culture applied with the best craftsmanship made to suits our clients wherever they are for their every single occasion.


Born in a family working in fashion, Saedi always hearing the sewing machine sound at his house and learning from his mother how to perfect a quality piece, he started at a very young age to be interested in fashion when he made his first dress at the age of 10 to his younger sister’s doll.


Discovering dressmaking by helping his mother, on 2012, Saedi decided to leave the engineering field and launched his own label, started with the label PLUSH, then he his brand SAEDI in which he creates haute couture, ready-to-wear and jewellery. Saedi helped many celebrities to wear in their big appearances in photo shoots also national and international red carpets.


As has been designing for his clients since almost a decade now. Saedi believes that haute couture should be art, that his clients should feel proud and unique wearing his designs reflecting their own inner soul in the best way they can.