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"En forme" a haute couture creation that seamlessly blends classic tailoring with contemporary flair.

At its core, "En forme" features a structured blazer bodice that exudes refinement and authority. Crafted from luxurious black wool crepe, the blazer hugs the curves with precision, accentuating the feminine form with understated allure. The wide lapels add a touch of drama and sophistication, framing the neckline with elegant precision.

What sets "En forme" apart is the exquisite detail adorning the waist—a silver-plated fingerprint delicately attached to the fabric. This symbolic motif represents the uniqueness and individuality of the wearer, adding a touch of personal significance to the design. 

"En forme" radiates with understated glamour and sophistication. Each detail is thoughtfully curated, adding depth and dimension to the design and ensuring that "En forme" captivates from every angle.


En forme

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